Spalding Physiotherapy & Podiatry


Podiatrists, (also known as chiropodists},  provide preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of problems affecting the feet, ankle and lower legs. Their specialist skills focus on tending infections, ailments, defects and injuries of the foot and lower leg, as well as treating foot and nail conditions related to other major health disorders (e.g. diabetes).

Podiatrists provide assessment, and foot care treatment for a wide range of people of all ages, including:

  • Corns, bunions, verruca’s, thickened nails, and diseases related to the foot and lower limb;
  • Providing treatment for high-risk patient groups such as the elderly or diabetics;
  • Using chemical or surgical techniques to treat ingrowing toenails;
  • Prescribing, producing and fitting orthotics;
  • Conducting gait-analysis, which evaluates patients’ walking or running problems to address both sports-related, and other injuries to legs and feet.

Assessment – New Condition


Nail Surgery Course

Custom made Orthotics

We also stock a wide range of equipment, insoles and foot care equipment for retails sale.